LeveLuk SD-501

Leveluk Sd 501This equipment produces Alkaline Water, Kangen Water. It is installed easily on your sink and it steadily and continuously produces water. This device is not only easy to use, but it is also convenient as a cost, considering the results it produces.

It differs fundamentally from other commercially available devices. It is found in most hospitals in Japan and it is recognized as medical equipment. Download the certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of Japan, it speaks for itself. Click here.

LeveLuk SD-501, as a result of the electrolysis process, can create five types of water depending on the pH selected, each having many uses in everyday life:

1. Kangen Water: Alkaline Water, therapeutic, suitable not only for drinking, but also for cooking. Food will be tastier. The device produces three types of Alkaline Water with pH 8.5, pH 9.0 and pH 9.5.

2. Neutral Water: This is the only water which does not pass through the filter of electrolysis. It is a still water with pH 7.0.

3. Acidic Water: It is a beauty water of pH 5.5. It provides the skin a younger look because of its astringent properties. You’ll have a shiny skin. It successfully replaces the after-shave for men and the toner for women.
(This is not drinking water)

4. Strong Acidic Water:
It is water with disinfectant qualities with pH 2.5. It replaces most chemicals we use in the kitchen and bathroom to disinfect.
(This is not drinking water)

5. Strong Kangen Water: It is soapy water pH 11.0. It successfully replaces laundry detergent, dishwashing solutions, solutions for washing windows, floor washing solutions, sandstone washing solutions, and it offers a special luster. It is used for washing food, removing pesticides, herbicides.
(This is not drinking water)

Features of LeveLuk SD 501

The electrolytic cell is equipped with seven electrodes, grouped in a compact way.

Easy to use

You will be notified by a liquid crystal display LCD and a voice will guide you. A clear and well shaped voice on the LCD panel informs you about the type of water produced and other information necessary. It is very easy to use, because all you have to do is press one button to open or close the device or to change up or down the type of water you want to get.

Technical differences between the Enagic - Kangen device and other devices

Ref: 30 August 2007 article in Dr. Carpenter's "Do not go crazy after Enagic imitations": "Over the years we had more water ionization equipment, but I can say that none produces far so good a water and with such outstanding results, whatever some might say."

The promises and advertising slogans sound good, but they simply can not produce Kangen water as well as the Enagic equipment can.

To support this position we will make a list of technical characteristics:

- Kangen water has superior nutrient absorption properties.

- Only the Enagic ionizer can clean the electrodes with the help of a regeneration filter, which depending on the amount of water produced, is used once every 4-6 months. This process is patented and no competitor can clean the electrodes as Enagic can. All manufacturers of ionic devices desperately need this system, because calcium and other minerals are deposited on the electrodes and prevent the generation of ionized water. However, only Enagic has this possibility for all its equipments.

- Electrodes, most of them imitations, are not made of titanium, but of metals that corrode in water and that produce alkaline water with antioxidant properties discontinuously. In case they are made of titanium, the size of the electrodes is dramatically reduced. Enagic ionizer contains large electrodes of titanium coated with platinum. In fact, Enagic uses in its equipments the largest industrial electrodes. It is important to understand that the reducing of the size of the electrodes represents a substantial reduction in the cost of production which allows for the other equipments to be sold on a much lower price.

- Because of the use of lower quality materials, and / or improper cleaning solutions, the ionizers belonging to competitors can not produce consistently water with negative ORP ranging between -150 and -600 mV, as the Enagic equipment does. Therefore important improvements in health cannot be obtained as demonstrated by the Enagic equipment that produces water KangenTM. In fact, with time, due to mineral deposits on the boards of electrolysis, the ORP values of alkaline water produced by these competitors turn positive, so the effect of oxidation appears. The RFO's negative value is the most important benefit of ionized water.

- Most of the competition’s ionizing devices have a shorter life (as a result of excess energy consumption, inferior materials, low quality control). The life of an Enagic unit is on average 12 years, ranging from 10 to 15 years, offering a warranty of five years.

- Clinical tests and the research on water started more than 30 years ago and have been based on industrial scale ionizers produced by Enagic, which controls the whole branch Toyo metals.

- In 1997 Toyo introduced to the market ionizers for domestic use, sold by Enagic, ionizers made with the same technology used to produce industrial ionizers (for medical units). Thus Enagic is the only company selling home ionizers made by the Toyo Metals subsidiary, a factory authorized in Japan to produce medical equipment.

- The Japanese Ministry of Health has chosen the Enagic equipment being the only authorized equipment for internal and external treatment in hospitals in Japan.

- Many competitors of Enagic add a salt substance to accelerate electrolysis in order to reach a pH of 9.5 for alkaline water. Enagic has patented a technology that requires an additional accelerator only to produce Industrial Alkaline Water (pH 11.5) and Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5), as water disinfectant. Perhaps this explains why the taste of water with a pH of 9.5 is much better if it comes from Enagic equipment. No other competitor can produce such Strong Acidic Water and Alkaline Water.

As a conclusion, only Enagic equipment can produce years on end, consistently and continuously water with high qualities of absorption and anti-oxidation.

Price and Purchase Details

The price of the SD-501 LeveLuk device is 2780 Euro + VAT.

The price is the same worldwide, but the acquisition currency differs.

If you want to buy the SD-501 LeveLuk device, we will help you fill out the necessary forms. The payment is made in the bank account of the Enagic Company. After payment confirmation, the device is sent to you by courier.

- To make the payment, you need an account in euro or dollars.
- The device can be purchased in installments rates on 3, 6, 10, 16 months.

Contact us now if you have further questions or if you want to change your life and buy this device for your family's health.

Did you know...?

  • The water content in the human body is about 70%.
  • The brain contains 83% water, the blood 83%, the eyes 95%, the muscles 75%, the lungs 86%, the kidneys 83%.
  • pH - the amount of active hydrogen. pH is from 0-14. 0-7 = acid. 7-14 = alkaline.
  • All life pyramids are based on water.
  • Good water is the key to proper cleaning of body fluids.
  • Water eliminates active oxygen.
  • The ratio of water in the body varies by age: from 97% in an embryo of seven days, gradually decreasing to 80% in a newborn, 60-65% in an adult and 50-55% in an old person.
  • On overweight people the percentage of body water can drop to 40%.
  • DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICINE using alkaline water; it can increase their effect large effect, being absorbed more quickly by the body.